Year-End Letter

Our year-end client letter contains important information about the filing deadlines, information submission deadlines, and other important information about uploading your tax information and making an appointment.


Year-End Client Letter

Tax Return Engagement Letters

Engagement Letters explains the details of the arrangement between you, as the client, and our firm, as the provider.  It defines the responsibilities, the fees, the procedures, the timing and the terms and conditions of the tax preparation process.  A signed engagement letter is required for all clients – NO EXCEPTIONS – and the tax return preparation process will not begin until one is received. The links below will open up a PDF form that can be filled out, signed electronically, and returned to us or uploaded to your Sharefile portal.


2020 Individual Tax Return (Form 1040)


2020 S Corporation Tax Return (Form 1120S)


2020 Partnership Tax Return (Form 1065)


2020 C Corporation Tax Return (Form 1120)


2020 Estate or Trust Tax Return (Form 1041)


2020 Exempt Organization Tax Return (Form 990)

Tax Return Checklists

The checklists provided below are designed to be as comprehensive as possible, to ensure that you are able to gather all of tax information in an efficient and complete manner.


2020 Individual Tax Return Checklist


2020 Business Tax Return Checklist

Letter of Expectations

Our Letter of Expectations explains the importance of setting the parameters of our business relationship.  It emphasizes our commitment to you and establishes the need for that same commitment from you, as our valued client.  If you have never read and signed a letter, please take a few moments to read, electronically sign and send it to us.  We will keep it in your permanent client fill-in.


Letter of Expectations