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IRS Adopts “Taxpayer Bill of Rights”

The Internal Revenue Service has announced the adoption of a “Taxpayer Bill of Rights” that will become a cornerstone document to provide the nation’s taxpayers with a better understanding of their rights.
The Taxpayer Bill of …

IRS Makes Changes to Offshore Programs

The Internal Revenue Service has announced major changes in its offshore voluntary compliance programs, providing new options to help both taxpayers residing overseas and those residing in the United States.

The changes include an expansion of …

Upcoming Tax Deadlines


File Form 11-C to register and pay annual tax if you are in the business of taking wagers.

Deposit payroll tax for payments on Jun 25-27 if the semiweekly deposit rule applies.

Deposit payroll tax for payments …

Secure Client Portal

We are in the middle of transitioning our client portal location form Sharefile to Firm360.  If you have been notified or invited by email to the new portal, use the Firm360 link to jump to the login page.  If you are an old client and have not been notified, your documents are still in Sharefile.