Dear Clients & Friends,

We hope you enjoyed a very blessed holiday season and are ready for a prosperous 2022! While welcoming the New Year we are also preparing for tax season and looking forward to another successful year of working together.

ALL of the documents referred to in this letter are available for completion and download here.


  • Business tax return filing deadline is March 15th.
  • Business tax information must be received by Friday, February 25th OR AN EXTENSION WILL BE NECESSARY. Please communicate with us on your need for an extension.
  • The fee for a corporate, partnership or trust extension is $50
  • The individual tax return filing deadline is April 18th.
  • Individual tax Information must be received by Friday, March 25th OR AN EXTENSION WILL BE NECESSARY. Please communicate with us on your need for an extension.
  • The fee for an individual extension is $25.

COVID-19 PROCEDURES – If you plan on dropping off your tax information, please note that COVID-19 procedures are currently in place. We ask that you do not go past the receptionist office. Please place all of your tax information in one large envelope or other secured packaging and make sure your name is clearly marked on it. If you require additional security or safety measures, please contact the office so that we can schedule a curbside drop-off or delivery. See detailed info here.

NEW CLIENT PORTAL FOR 2022 – For the new year, we will be using a new client portal called MyFirm360.  All of our clients are setup in the portal; however, we may need some additional info. We must have an email address for both the taxpayer and spouse (if applicable), business owner or partner signing the business return, or the executor/trustee for estates and trusts.  In addition, we need your cell phone number and the last 4 digits of your SSN for the dual factor authentication process. This new process provides you with a more secure cloud-based file storage that can be accessed from any web connection. If you have not received an invitation to your new portal yet, you will! You should receive an invitation within 2 days of completing the online engagement letter.

ENGAGEMENT LETTERS – A signed engagement letter MUST be on file for tax preparation to start. NO EXCEPTIONS.  The engagement letter will can be completed online starting the first week of January and can be found here.

TAX RETURN CHECKLISTS – To ensure a complete and accurate tax return, please use a tax checklist when gathering your tax information. They are available here.


  • If you received the 3rd EIP payment (Economic Impact Payment) during the year, we must know the exact amount. Please submit that info with your engagement letter or provide it on the tax checklist.
  • If you received any of the ACTC payments (Advanced Child Tax Credits) during the year, we must know the month and exact amount you received. Please submit that info with your engagement letter or provide it on the tax checklist.



  • Login to your IRS user account and take screenshots or print the information available to ensure that your payment info is accurate.
  • If you do not have a current user account, please click below to begin the registration process.

SUBMITTING YOUR TAX INFORMATION – Please, upload all tax documentation to our secured client portal at MyFirm360 for tax preparation.  If you need assistance with this process, please email Becki at If you choose to mail or drop off your tax documents to us, we will return them shortly after the completion of your tax returns.  A $25 charge will be added to your invoice to cover the cost of USPS Priority Mail and the staff time necessary to sort and scan your tax documents.

If you prefer to pick up your taxes and information, please contact the office to schedule a curbside delivery or preferred time of visit.

ELECTRONIC DELIVERY& PAYMENT PROCESS – Unless you specify differently, all tax returns will be delivered to your secure MyFirm360 client portal. There they will be available for review and download. E-file authorization forms will be sent using RightSignature. Your invoice will be sent using MyFirm360 as well, and can be viewed, downloaded, and paid immediately using your bank account (ACH) or a credit card.

If you prefer to pick up your taxes and information, please contact the office to schedule a curbside delivery or preferred pickup time. PLEASE BE SURE TO READ AND REVIEW EVERYTHING THAT IS DELIVERED PRIOR TO SIGNING YOUR E-FILE AUTHORIZATION FORMS. CHANGES MADE AFTER YOU HAVE SIGNED WILL INCUR ADDITIONAL CHARGES.

TAX RETURN APPOINTMENTS – Due to an increase in COVID-19 cases in and around Indiana, ALL tax appointments will be conducted via Zoom or telephone until further notice.  The safety of you and our employees is first and foremost concern.  Please call or email Becki at 317.991.3322 or to set up your appointment.

INVOICES MUST BE PAID PRIOR TO ELECTRONIC FILING – NO EXCEPTIONS.  Contact Angie if you have any concerns regarding this policy.

We sincerely appreciate the opportunity to work with you this year. It’s clients like you that have helped us grow and become one of the top providers of tax and professional services in the area.  Referrals from our valued clients are the life source of our business.  So, please do not hesitate to pass along our information to friends or family that could benefit from our services. As always, we are available by phone, e-mail and appointment to address any questions or concerns you may have about your tax service needs.

Warmest wishes and a Happy New Year from all of us,

Crace + Beam CPAs